I tried to ignore the 999 week, but I just couldn’t do it with the Kurashikis. Sadly, I can only post old and crappy doodles but at least it’s something. Happy Santa day!


missed day 3 of 999 week, but i had this laying around and wanted to finish it up for day 6!! it also doubles as the cover for the kurashiki fanmix i’m gonna be posting in a few hours, so get ready


things that never happen


40minutes sketch….because you thought I would spend a Christmas without drawing these two? ah, fool.


my mysterious sudoku revenge girlfriend


i couldn’t resist

mmahou: akane and 7 maybe :)?

tu fui, ego eris.


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I don’t think I’ve ever spent this long on a group picture orz||| I’m very proud of the results though. Thank you to the frens who gave me input on the composition!