Chihaya watching Shinobu playing in the Queen match and understanding Shinobu’s connection with the cards and tearing up over it and defending it to her friends ;-;

A few days ago a post crossed my dash about putting together a list of fictional women explicitly confirmed to be Jewish and I thought I liked it but now I can’t find it. Can anyone help me out here?

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oh yeah i definitely love chihaya’s relationship with the empress the most. but idk, i have a lot of feelings about those 3 years where she was still playing karuta but had no support from her friends or parents—only harada.

God, agreed. Those years must have been depressing as fuck - well, for all three of the kids in different ways, but Chihaya SO MUCH SO.

And you can really see how that lack of support messes with her confidence socially. Poor girl has a tendency to fall apart when she’s not sure what to do in interpersonal relations :C 

(aaaaand I could then go into a whole Chihaya/Shinobu rant but I need to study so I’ll save it but boy are there some interesting parallels you can make about those two)

i would argue that chihaya also needed an adult to take an interest in her, the way harada did. like, chihaya and taichi have very different problems with their parents, but they did both very much need a good adult in their life

Oh, I would 100% agree that Chihaya needs a good adult, too! I just didn’t name her specifically because while she does get some recognition from Harada, she also ends up with a nice amount from the Empress and for whatever reason I’m drawn to her relationship with the Empress more? I mean, I love her relationship with Harada also (especially that scene from the flashbacks when they talk about the boys leaving) but there’s something about the Empress and her relationship that just touches my heart more in the present day scenes.

So my favorites of the kids+mentors are:



Arata+Grandpa ;_;

I have a lot of Taichi+Harada student+mentor feelings.

Actually I have a lot of Harada mentor feelings in general. He’s so good with all the kids, I just focus on his relationship with Taichi because I think Taichi needs a good adult in his life in a way the other kids don’t quite so much. I’m so glad about his character and role in the story. He always treats the kids so respectfully and looks out for them in really good ways. 

insidiousmisandry replied to your post “Whenever I rewatch Chihayafuru my Chihaya/Shinobu and Taichi/Arata…”

i feel this so much. i also can’t stop thinking about them all as adults and chihaya and arata starting a karuta society together and shinobu and taichi pretending to get along for their spouses’ sakes

Oh my god the passive aggressive politeness levels would be off the charts (Shinobu would win, though. Taichi is much more easily flustered.)

Imagine them all going to tournaments with the society members and Chihaya and Arata being all intensely into it and Taichi and Shinobu both pretending they aren’t there with them but secretly getting caught up in as well

Whenever I rewatch Chihayafuru my Chihaya/Shinobu and Taichi/Arata feelings get more and more out of control

You know how there are some songs that get stuck in your head that you know why they got in there, like you heard the song or something reminiscent of the song, but then there are other songs that just float up out of the ether to get stuck in your head and you have no idea why. They’re so mysterious. Why are they there? Where did they come from? Where did they go? Where did they come from cotton eyed joe?